System Overview

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The Basics

The B.E.S.T. System is a clearly defined and proven method of performing all golf motions. See what clients have to say about it here. It was developed with the sole purpose of developing golfers at an accelerated rate. The old idea that it takes years of study, experience and practice to become a good golfer is a limiting and incorrect idea. One of our programs gets golfers to a single digit handicap in less than 6 months and sometimes as fast as 3 months.

The Philosophy

In all other sports, the motion is not the controversy. There is only 1 back-handspring in gymnastics and there is a perfect score in diving. In Olympic sports, the practice method to consistent performance is the controversy. However, in golf, the swing itself is a subject of discussion but it shouldn't be. There are so many different swings on tour but what we need to understand is that those swings are a version of an ideal swing - a bio-mechanically efficient swing The human body and physics have not changed, why haven't we arrived at a standard yet? Our method and procedure is slowly but surely becoming that standard. Golf will be taught, performed and analyzed the way we do it here at Golf Code 360 Studio. The principles and methods we have are founded on objective scientific and medical principles, not subjective personal preferences, tradition or theories.

Our system teaches toward this perfect ideal swing. We don't have to perform it perfectly every time or at all, but when we have one clear focus point to strive for, we will always be working toward the right way rather than trying to eliminate the endless wrong ways. Eliminating wrong ways doesn't always ensure performing it the right way. Doing it the one right way automatically eliminates all the wrong ways.

The Details

There is a very specific route to accelerated golf performance. This road map is clearly defined and proven across all skill levels. Any system needs a clearly defined procedure so that we don't miss anything and can always have a reference point to monitor progress. We begin with the basics:

Grip - Posture - Setup

Then move onto golf motions that support consistent contact, direction and distance in the 4 areas of the game:

Full Swing off the Tee - Full Swing off the ground - Partial Swing - Putting

Finally, we explore the three characteristics of the motions that make them repeat. When we know these characteristics, every swing flaw can be easily diagnosed which makes them easy to solve.